The best of the best.

Just saying.

Alan Fong

Business Development Director, Co‑Founder

City of Zion Co‑Founder, NEP‑5 Standard Developer, NEO Documentation and Translation.

Tyler B. Adams

Architect, Co‑Founder

City of Zion Co‑Founder, NEP‑5 Standard Author, ME Systems Engineering, Stochastic Modeling and Project Management.

Michael de Wal

Back‑End Developer, Co‑Founder

City of Zion Co‑Founder, CoZ Developer Portal, Former IOHK/IOJP - KYC Platform Dev, Bot Developer, NodeJS and JavaScript Expert.

Chris Birmingham

Blockchain Developer, Co‑Founder

City of Zion Developer. CIO eify pty ltd. CoZ dApp winner (NeoTrade). Neo-js-vm Developer.

Travis Lin

Front‑End Developer, Co‑Founder

City of Zion Developer, M. in CIS, Analyst Programmer.

Elias Tan


NEO Singapore Co-Founder, CEO & Co-Founder of Bitcrypto.Asia, (LL.B) Bachelor of Laws.

Pawan Rawal

Back‑End Developer

Golang and Systems Engineer, 3.5+ years experience in API and platform development, Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology.

Nathaniel Walpole

Design Advisor

NEX Designer, City of Zion Lead Designer, 2017 UX UK Award Winner, B.A., Design for Industry, Northumbria.

Chris Dienes

Data Science Advisor

Ph.D. Statistics and Machine Learning Expert, 5+ years Industry/Consulting Experience.

Ethan Fast


NEX Co-founder, CoZ Co-founder, PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, YCombinator alumni

Melvyn Goh

Advisor - Market Development and Strategy

Former President of Forbes China, Former President of Mindshare China.

Piyush Chaplot


NEO Global Capital Partner, former partner for 8 years with Inno-sight Ventures.