Product Roadmap

Revolutionize your business and transform how you work.

Q4, 2018

Copernicus Target Release

  • Creation of True Digital Resumes
  • Integration with Social Verification Platforms
  • KYC Identity Verification
  • Control and Management of Professional Identity

Q2, 2019

Kepler Target Release

  • Trustless Resumes
  • Dynamic Team Creation and Staffing
  • Smart Matchmaking Engine
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Candidate Impact Simulation

Q4, 2019

Galileo Target Release

  • Project Management Suite
  • Multi-team Collaboration Support
  • Smart Contract and Web API
  • External System Support

Ongoing Project

Constellation Target Release

  • A Universal Blockchain Identity Initiative
  • Consortium Created and Backed
  • Driven by the Community