Announcing the New Moonlight Roadmap

We are proud to reveal the Moonlight project's updated product roadmap.

Our product roadmap is a goal-oriented visualization that maps out the direction and vision of what the Moonlight platform hopes to accomplish and offer over time. It is a general overview of the features we plan to incorporate into our future releases and a highlight of what each of these releases will entail. We hope this brings some clarity to the Moonlight community as we move forward in our development timeline.

As a quick overview of the planned offerings:

  • Copernicus will be the first iteration of the platform, introducing the ability to build and manage your profile and resume.
  • Kepler will follow this by introducing a marketplace for talent recruitment, coupled with a number of useful related features.
  • Galileo will be the third major milestone for the Moonlight platform, bringing with it an innovative project management suite — allowing for a powerful collaborative experience with numerous productivity enhancements.
  • Constellation is a new endeavor and will be a universal blockchain identity initiative, created and backed by a consortium of projects in the blockchain space. It is our hope that such a initiative will help to streamline development in blockchain and make dApps more secure and simple to use in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support,

Your Moonlight Team