Our Verification Credentials

Our verification workflows culminate in the publishing of a cryptographically secure proof to your identity. Verified claims issued by the Vivid platform are perpetually accessible by you, the owner.

Our public keys are published below as a resource to certify that the claims and proofs that we issue are authentic. Use them to identify Vivid issued claims and proofs across our supported platforms.

Our Neo Public Key

How can I use this?

All claims and proofs issued by Vivid are cryptographically signed using our private keys. For manual signature verification, we provide the keys above for use on their respective platforms. We also provide our key for third party issuance of claims against our digital identity.

Why is this Information Important?
  • Whenever a validator issues a claim or proof, they must cryptographically sign it. By publishing our keys, we allow anyone to verify that we were the issuer. We will provide proof of key ownership on request.
  • A public key represents a digital identity on the Vivid platform. The keys above represent our digital presence.
  • The Moonlight team asserts that all claims and proofs issued by the keys above are guaranteed to be issued by our platform.