So who are we?

The Company

Moonlight was formed by a team of highly experienced developers, project managers and designers with the aim of changing how businesses recruit and scale their workforce. We wanted to blend emerging technologies with an easy-to-use platform to facilitate this aim and easily spread employment opportunities across borders.

A new way of working

Moonlight is a web-based platform that aims to solve a number of core problems that affects the recruitment space. Specifically the areas of trust and capability.

The current recruitment process relies heavily on mutual faith between employers and people looking for work. Our platform uses verification to dispense with ambiguity and enables professionals across the world to work together transparently. By using Moonlight, all parties can now be certain that the professionals that they engage with are who they say they are and as capable as they claim to be. This allows everyone to focus on performing optimally and working toward the best possible outcome for all.

Moonlight’s vision

To be a frictionless, global, collaborative platform for connecting verified, skilled professionals that want a better way of working.

Moonlight’s mission

To give our users unparalleled control of their own credentials and use data verification to take the guesswork out of recruiting.

Moonlight’s values
  • To be the future of working.
  • Promote collaboration.
  • Foster opportunities.
  • To save professionals time, frustration and money.