What is ?

Vivid Identity is a safe, quick, and secure way to manage your digital identity and prove who you are online. Its a decentralized Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solution that was born out of our core belief that an individual should own and control their wholistic identity without being reliant on gatekeepers for proof. With Vivid Identity, the power to control your data resides with the individual!

Vivid Identity allows you to manage all of the elements that make up your identity and completely control access to those credentials. It allows you to interact in the digital world with the same freedom and capacity for trust as you do in the offline world.

What problems is Vivid addressing?

Identity is a critical technology that underpins the digital landscape, but we still largely rely on identities which have little connection to our physical presence. This characteristic has been exploited to great effect across social platforms for dishonest means. The lack of physical binding also inhibits advancements in entire market segments which depend on a verifiable digital presence to advance into the digital world. Vivid provides a solution to these issues.

Consider a driver's license. Once you have completed the verification process, you receive your license, which certifies a number of attributes including birth date, vehicle operation class, and your name. The document contains elements which make countfeiting difficult and you can use it to provide verified information about yourself. Anyone viewing the document can reference the anti-counterfeiting elements to verify authenticity without the need to request verification from the issuer.

  • How does this work in the digital world?
  • How would you verify your academic credentials or medical records?
  • What happens if the issuer refuses to issue verification or ceases to exist?
  • Who actually owns the data?

Vivid addresses these questions.

Who would use Vivid?

  • Entities who have the need to quickly verify themselves or others in the physical or digital world.
  • Application developers who want to enable features requiring a verified digital identity.
  • Entities who believe they own their identity.

Vivid removes the gatekeepers and grants you easy control of your own data in perpetuity.

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