Employment. Redefined.

A decentralized platform, built on the trusted NEO network that will change the way you recruit and scale your workforce.

Welcome to Moonlight, the smart economy workforce.

It's a match!

The premier blockchain-based talent matching platform.

A matchmaking algorithm is built into the Smart Contract to provide recommendations based on skillset. Access to the Smart Contract version of the matchmaking protocol will be publicly defined and available.

Key Features

Resource Identification
A match making protocol quickly pairs tasks to organizations with a passion to complete them.
Advanced Project Coordination
Take advantage of a trustless dataset to unleash advanced project tracking tools!
Trustless Resumes
Tasks completed in Moonlight become public ledger on the Neo blockchain leaving no room to question experience.
Let Moonlight handle your remittance needs to reduce the project overhead.
Project Crowdfunding
Leverage Moonlight for your crowdfunding needs to improve project transparency!
Decentralized Staffing
The power of a global workforce to meet your project's needs.

White Paper

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